Electric String Quartet, Violin Trio & Duo

Electric String Quartet & Electric Violinist
Are you amped up, yet?! Well, you will be if you hire an electric string quartet or musician for your party, wedding, or another event.
In general, string players such as violinists, violists, and cellists play on traditional wooden, acoustic instruments. Of course, there is a beauty and serendipity in the acoustic sound that makes our traditional string quartets and trios a popular selection for events. However, electric instruments electrify (no pun intended) performance in a ways.
To start, plugged in means you can adjust the volume of the instrument. Second, you can change the sounds coming from the instrument, meaning a violin can sound like an electric guitar! Imagine a group of string players standing on your stage performing like rockstars!
From VIP events to major openings, Kiral Artists’ electric string quartet and solo musicians wow our clients.
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Electric String Quartet

 Electric Violin Duo


Electric Violinist with backing tracks

Electric Violinist with DJ