String Trio

Along with the string quartet, the string trio is the most booked ensemble. Trios usually consist of two violinists and a cello playerr, or one violinist, violist, and cellist. However, we take special requests for trio combinations, substituting a flutist for a violinist.

What’s the difference between a trio and quartet? Both ensembles exude the utmost elegance and excellence in sound quality. The repertoire and song selection isn’t lacking either.  There is one less musician, however, in a trio. Therefore, the volume decreases. A trio does not project sound as well as a string quartet or a larger group. But, for many, that’s perfect! If you don’t want the louder and richer sounds of a larger ensemble, the string trio is just right — not too small like a duo or solo instrument and not too big like a quartet or orchestra.  A trio provides a nice ambiance for your wedding ceremony or event.

What makes the Kiral Artists’ string trio special? Our trios know how to get down and boogie with some sweet improvisation. We also have the musical technique to make three instruments sound like four!  

Level up your string trio with the addition of a trumpet player.  Trumpeters are a popular option for church weddings. The trumpet fills the venue with heavenly sounds, especially when the acoustics echo and reverberate down the aisle and into the courtyard.  If a trumpeter is not your style, we can add a guitarist or a pianist. If your wedding venue doesn’t have a piano, we can use our keyboards. Our musicians use the best keyboards on the market! Or, we can arrange a baby grand rental.

Speaking of pianos, give our violin and piano duos a try! Or, hire a solo jazz pianist.  For your cocktail hour entertainment, how about adding a Cajon drum box in addition to the string trio? As you can see, the options are endless.

Just a recommendation — we suggest the string trio for smaller venues or weddings if you want to save some money and create the perfect atmosphere for a smaller event. For larger events (200+ guests) and performances over two hours, please book the string quartet. You and your guests will love the larger ensemble!

Cocktail Hour Performance

Billy Breathes – Phish (music sample for our client)

String Trio & Trumpet Player

Canon in D

String Pop Covers (quartet)

Strings & Cajon Drum Box

Flute, Violin & Cello Trio

Guitar, Violin, &  Cello Trio

wedding string trio

charleston string trio

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